Senteo Customer Experience Certification

Learn how to integrate proven Customer Experience Methodology in your business and enhance your personal knowledge about customer-centric best practices.

The program includes three levels of certification:

This certification course provides a healthy mix of lectures, case studies, and exercises designed specifically to help financial services professionals to understand the principles of Customer Experience, Customer Relationships, and Loyalty. The Customer Experience Specialist course builds the foundation for further, specialized courses that lead to the Expert and Expert Advisor level certifications which provide financial services professionals with a holistic framework to design, build, measure, and manage mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

Previously offered only in corporate training format, Senteo has agreed to offer the Specialist Certification course in open-enrollment format for a limited number of dates per year. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to join the elite community Customer Experience Specialists, Experts, and Expert Advisors from 14 countries who benefit from this methodology in their day-to-day business activities.

In my personal opinion, I probably heard the best expert in this field. ~ Partner, Financial Services Consulting, Czech Republic

I think this course needs to become a mandatory component of our corporate training. ~ Head of Distribution, Russia

Minimum Requirement:
At least two years of management experience in financial services. The program consists of theory, practical examples, case studies, international best practices, group exercises, and interactive discussions.

The Learning Process:
The content is arranged around the Senteo four-step learning process:

Learn – Understand the theory and mechanics behind each aspect of the methodology.

See – Observe real world applications, examples, and case studies related to each aspect of the methodology.

Do – Apply the different aspects of the methodology during exercises and work groups.

Extend – Identify and support the possibilities for real-world applications of the methodology specific to each person’s current needs.


This program is offered either as a corporate training program for management teams inside of retail financial institutions or as an individual educational program in one of our open enrollment courses scheduled each year in Europe and the United States. In Russia, our curriculum has been accredited by the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation in Moscow and participants can receive an official diploma upon completion of the course modules. For corporate clients, the program can also be customized to capture key corporate strategy elements and offer an in-depth view of any specific area of interest. Review our Customer Experience Specialist Certification schedule and topics.

“No company better applies our ideas on the Experience Economy to banking than Senteo, and this Certification course does a great job of teaching how to create a relationship-centric banking experience. Every banker should attend cialis otc!”
~B. Joseph Pine, Co-Author of The Experience Economy

Today, an elite team of professionals in 14 countries have been certified under this program. This is what they say about it:

I really enjoyed this program. It’s clear where I should concentrate in my work after this.  ~ Chief Customer Officer, Saudi Arabia

Real examples that I can use in my work tomorrow.  ~ Deputy Head of Product Development, Spain

Both individuals and corporate clients are welcome to apply to participate in Senteo’s certification course curriculum offered several times a year, based on course schedule and space availability. For further details, please contact us.

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