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Online Education
After many requests from bank clients, Senteo launched a series of online educational programs ranging from single topic webinars to online boot camps and certification programs. The calendar changes regularly with a range of different speakers and topics. Read more.

Live Events
Senteo is constantly working to expand the calendar of live events for bankers in the form of workshops, training events, and certification courses. The calendar changes periodically to include different venues in North America and Europe. Read more.

Customer Experience Certification
The Senteo Customer Experience Certification course is currently the only course designed by bankers for bankers on the topics of Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, and Loyalty. Read more.

Study Tours
Study tours feature a series of strategic workshops, visits to experiential businesses, team assignments, and discussions designed to help teams of bankers to learn together through real life experiences. Currently offered in select cities in USA and Europe. Read more.

“No company better applies our ideas on the Experience Economy to banking than Senteo, and this Certification course does a great job of teaching how to create a relationship-centric banking experience. Every banker should attend!”
~B. Joseph Pine, Co-Author of The Experience Economy

Join the growing number of Certified Customer Experience Specialists that are working in or supporting the financial services industry from companies such as:

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