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Client Profile:

Telefónica, S.A.  is a major European broadband and telecommunications provider, based in Madrid, Spain. Operating globally, Telefonica is the fifth largest mobile network provider in the world.   

Created in 1924,as Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España (CTNE), until the liberalisation of the telecom market in 1997, Telefónica was the only telephone operator in Spain and still holds a dominant position (over 75% in 2004). Since 1997, the Spanish government has privatised its interest in the company.


Case Introduction:

With a wide presence essentially throughout the entire Europe, and particularly in Spain, Telefonica wanted to enhance the store experience and establish a banking operation under the same name. After several unsuccessful attempts to generate a satisfactory model, Telefonica turned to Senteo for advice and concept development.


Project Scope & Goal:

Senteo provided the expertise that integrated all of the technologies into one delivery mechanism, as well as developing the customer journey, sales process, visitor experience, the environmental design, and a complete new methodology for digital communications that will reduce the overall cost of implementing and managing on-going communications programmes.

This prototype branch looked at the technological impact in a number of areas but concentrated on customer interactions; customer service applications, communications – both in delivery through purely digital means and real time monitoring and adaptation to changing requirements, environmental efficiency and energy saving.

Consistency across the operations and cross=sales were key elements of the design.



The concept model was adopted and successfully implemented in several pilot locations in Spain, giving cause to the eventual expansion and the roll out of the concept in other territories.

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