Nadra Bank

          a turn-key transformation

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Client Profile:

Nadra Bank – one of the Top 5 banks in Ukraine in 2007, with a national network of 600 retail branches and over 4 million retail customers.


Case Introduction:

Nadra Bank was one of the largest banks in the Ukraine, but struggled with profitability, operational effectiveness and a poor brand.


Project Scope & Goal:

Senteo was appointed to completely overhaul the bank. Over a four-year period, Senteo helped Nadra Bank with turn-key changes to its business operations, distribution channel development, customer acquisition and loyalty, product offering, branch design and construction, brand and marketing, sales, service standards, staff training and much more.

In this complex project Senteo also oversaw the transformation of more than 350 retail branches, which required a complete restructuring of logistics and procurement processes, construction processes, project management, and factory fabrication.

This was a total transformation project using all five elements of Senteo's methodology.



Within just the first six months after launch of the new brand, sales had more than doubled.

Customer satisfaction achieved its highest level, while customer attrition dropped by almost 30%. Nadra Bank's new brand created by Senteo and launched in December 2006 won the Ukrainian “Brand of the Year” award the following year (2007).

In addition, Senteo's team roll-out specialists applied its expert project management approach to significantly reduce the time necessary for branch openings, making it three times faster, while cutting overall costs by 30%.


Facts & Figures (after the first 12 months):

  • 130% increase in total number of active customers*
  • 70% increase in sales to new to bank customers
  • 30% reduction in customer attrition
  • 192% increase in consumer loans
  • 120% increase in monthly credit card sales
  • 100% increase in mortgage portfolio
    • Mortgage Programme ‘Home Solutions’ from Nadra Bank recognised as the Best Mortgage Product in Ukraine (2007)
  • 150% increase in the average amount of consumer loans
  • 147% increase in small business loans
  • 150% increase in total retail deposits (including term and demand deposits)
    • 66% increase in 6-month term deposits
    • 85% increase in 9-month term deposits
    • 75% increase in 12-month term deposits
  • 170% increase in revenue per customer
  • 100% reduction in operational costs (OPEX) per customer
  • 2007 Brand of the Year Award recepient (among all retail brands Ukraine)
  • 1st place in popularity among bank brands nationwide
  • 75% brand awareness among the "bankable" population

* Senteo applied stricter rules and practices for defining active customers. Customer records with virtually no account balance and transaction activity were not counted as "active".

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