The bank of the future

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Client Profile:

As one of the "Goliaths" of the global business community, IBM needs no introduction. IBM's integrateged company structure includes business divisions that make or offer a wide range of products or services, including super computers, personal computers, servers, software solutions, business consulting, IT and networking solutions, data management, and much more. IBM's global presence allows it to be in every country in the world, while serving customers of all walks of life: from governments to corporations to small businesses to individual customers.


Case Introduction:

With the image of being a "smart" company, IBM prides itself for being a company that's always looking to the future and devising things that will help to shape it. This drive for constant innovation and leadership spurred IBM to look to the future of the banking industry. With a dramatic rise in technological development across all industries over the past decade, the question became "what next?" Especially, in banking – where pretty much everything has been already invented, even some earlier innovations begin to look obsolete. Being "smart", to that end, means that one has to be more efficient, more relevant, more useful, more convenient and more appealing. The idea was born to create a concept for "bank of the future" and Senteo, as a partner of IBM, was asked to contribute its creative assets to develop it.


Project Scope and Goals:

Originally planned as a combination of smart design and smart tehnology, the concept developed into something more. Given a seemingly stale state of the banking world, as a market that is traditionally weak in innovations, the project's primary goal was to create something "outside the box" while keeping it practical, which means implementable. Modern-day technological capabilities provides much fodder for creative thought, but their relevant application to a field as straight-forward as banking is a challenge.

Senteo's main goal in the project was to create a concept that trully integrated the best "customer experience" practices into a high-powered tech environment that exhudes the feeling of beeing in the 21st century. State of the art and nothing less. But not forgetting the Customer whose expectations shouldn't just be met but exceeded to the highest possible extent.



The concept developed under the name of "bank of the future" was completed with all necessary details for the actual installation, intended for Singapore and other mega-cities in Asia. The ultra modern design; smart technologies; sophisticated service model approach for executive-level banking (i.e. business class banking); carefully choreographed customer navigation through specially zoned environments; uninvasive, yet highly well-thought security system; instant customer identification technology; both touch-based and touch-free command operated consoles for easy control and transacting; special attention to privacy and comfort; pre-visit and post-visit communications; convertable multi-use space environments, and whole myriad of other elements made this concept a truly fantastic package. And, yet, none of it was fictional imagination. The syndicated idea for the bank of the future was planned for implementation within the shortest possible time.

Senteo continues to be involved in the development of modern and unique banking concepts that effectively engage customers and provide an experience that they will cherish.


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