The Senteo Approach

We use our tactical and phased approach to realize our clients' strategic vision.

Most companies have some idea of what they would like to achieve in developmental terms or their direction for business growth. Most often, these goals are summarized in a strategic vision, which may have been formulated internally or with the help of external strategic consultants. Usually, the strategic vision is derived from a study of the current state of the organization, analysis of customer and competitor behavior, and a detailed mapping of the opportunities that are present in the overall marketplace. Unfortunately, most strategic visions end at this point and lack the proper tactical, phased development planning and implementation calendars that are required to properly manage any complex business transformation. Also, organizations often forget to structure performance measurement criteria and the overall financial justification for their strategic vision.

While Senteo also provides the type of strategic consulting that most consultants offer, our approach is much more tactical in nature.  We work with clients not only to understand their current state and refine their strategic vision, but we also help to structure a clear road map of phased projects that lead to the overall implementation calendar required to achieve the strategic goals outlined in the vision. Our consultants have worked with companies in over 30 countries to design, build, measure, and manage successfully transformed businesses. Whereas most consultants deliver concept, theory, and paper, Senteo works with clients throughout the entire project process to ensure that the end results are delivered.  Many clients have stated that their strategic vision encompasses "what" they want to achieve, while Senteo helps them to understand "how" to achieve those goals in an efficient manner and avoid the typical project risks associated with most large transformation projects.

Study of the current situation, strategic goals, factors that influence the company's ability and readiness to implement the required changes, risks, internal processes and resources.

Generation of the initial strategy concept and its main foundations, aimed at subsequently creating a full-scale, tactical realization plan, in accordance with the desired effect on company's performance.

Enhancement and further detailing of the initial strategy concept to a level that is sufficient for  clear understanding of the necessary steps before making relevant plans and introducing changes to the existing business model.

Creation of a detailed plan for the implementation of all individual pieces of the final strategic concept, including a base-level assessment of the timeline, cost and resources associated with the planned actions.

Establishment of concrete financial KPIs and terms for regular performance measurement, management, and control. Complete map of investment costs associated with transformation, along with break-even and projected ROI.

In addition to the above listed scope, Senteo's team of experienced professionals is also capable of working hand-in-hand with the Client-company's internal teams to provide expert guidance and support during the process of implementation. In cases when such assistance is needed, Clients normally indicate the level of our involvement, which can range from limited support to turn-key project management.

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