Learn about the concepts and tools that fuel our customer experience solutions.

The Senteo Methodology is a framework used to help organizations to design, build, measure, and manage their business to generate profitable, mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. Read more.

Senteo has created a complete catalogue of more than 260 project modules that may be used in transformation projects with clients. Read more.

Case Studies
See how our methodology helped clients create remarkable customer experiences and enhance their business efficiency and performance. Read more.

Senteo's project approach is designed to help clients achieve results as quickly as possible. See how we work with clients to deliver results. Read more.

Customer Experience Diagnostic
The Senteo Customer Experience Diagnostic as a benchmarking tool to compare an organization’s current state to international best practices in customer experience, loyalty, relationship strength, and profitability. Read more.

Experience Lab
Learn about the Progression of Economic Value — a key concept that drives our methodology. Read more.
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