cecSenteo’s Customer Experience Certification Program Featured by Forrester Research
The Senteo Customer Experience Certification program was recently featured in the Forrester Research Brief: Who needs CX Certifications ? While the report does acknowledge that the certification industry in the area of Customer Experience is quite young, they do completely support the Senteo position that there should eventually be University programs in the areas of Customer Experience, Relationship Management, and Loyalty. We believe it is only a matter of time before universities have compiled enough subject matter, methodology, and case examples to fill a curriculum on these topic areas. Meanwhile, Senteo continues to add detail and depth to the Customer Experience Certification course which now has three distinct certification levels as well as over 1100 participants that have completed the course! Click here to see all that the Senteo Customer Experience Certification has to offer!

Forrester Research is a market research company that advises on current and upcoming teachnology that will have a potential impact upon major industries. Its services are far reaching, and it places major emphasis on advancements that impact business interactions and consumer technologies.

A Message from the CEO of Senteo

Over the past two years, we have worked to build the first phase of the Senteo Online Community as a resource to help bankers and financial professionals expand their knowledge in the areas of Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, and Loyalty. As we have seen in recent years, Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management, and Loyalty has come to be an upcoming aspect of many industries.

As we continue to add to the online community, you will see new events, an expansion of our educational curriculum, and a new series of webinars from a fantastic line-up of speakers. Please join us as we strive to build a resource destination for all who are interested in understanding Experiential Innovation and Relationship Management. As well, please share with us your thoughts, feedback, and desires for future content so that we can tailor topics and content to your liking.

Welcome to the Senteo Community !!

Ray Ocampo

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