By Tom Mouhsian

Senteo's customer experience certification program will soon be offered at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, located in Moscow (one of the most prominent educational institutions in Russia).
An agreement between Senteo and the Financial University was reached in early May, 2012 to integrate Senteo's Customer Experience Certification into the university's formal curriculum, within its business school. Financial University's business program offers specialized short educational programs to graduate students as well as career professionals who want to develop deeper knowledge and skills in specific areas of concentration. The course developed by Senteo was approved by a panel of faculty members and teaching staff before reaching the advisory and planning committe, which voted unanimously to approve the course and to integrate it into the university's business curriculum. Program participants will receive an official diploma after completing the course. Course schedule is currently under planning, but it is likely that the course will be offered several times a year.

Course content includes:

  • Customer Experience methodology
  • Customer segmentation approaches
  • Approach to retail distribution
  • Channels and functionality
  • Product development
  • Customer loyalty building
  • Effective sales and service
  • Experiential marketing
  • Culture development
  • and much more

The course also includes a variety of business cases, group exercises and interactive discussions to demonstrate and reinforce key points.
Learn more about our Specialist Certification.


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