About CEI

How appealing is your bank to new customers?

The Customer Experience Index (CEI) creates a new benchmark for retail banks and a tool for measuring the quality and consistency of experiences created for potential new customers.

The CEI measures bank performance based on key areas important to potential customers, such as:

  • Brand – How appealing is the brand and its positioning directed at customers? How well can customers identify with the brand’s perceived values?
  • Communications – How effective are set advertising and promotional activities at generating customer interest? How clearly are values and benefits communicated to the customer?
  • Environment – How accessible, intuitive, easy to use, and consistent are customer touch points?
  • Offering – How well does the offering meet the needs of the customer? How well is the product packaged to create value for customers?
  • Culture – How efficient is the organization in creating an internal customer-centric culture? How well do bank employees interact with customers?

Since this year’s study marks the 5th year anniversary of the CEI, it presented a perfect opportunity to provide a historic look at some of the banks’ customer experience performance dating back to 2007.

The study analyzes branch network performance consistency, sales effectiveness, price advantage, share of demand deposits, and several other factors that contribute to the overall relationship with retail customers.

As an added benefit, this year’s edition of the CEI also includes a number of opinion editorials that offer an expert view on several key topics that are important to retail banking professionals. See previous year's CEI publications.

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