Customer Experience Specialist Certification

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How it works
This three-day certification course provides a healthy mix of lectures, case studies, and exercises designed specifically to help financial services professionals to understand the principles of Customer Experience, Customer Relationships, and Loyalty. The Customer Experience Specialist course builds the foundation for further, specialized courses that lead to the Expert and Expert Advisor level certifications which provide financial services professionals with and holistic framework to design, build, measure, and manage mutually beneficial relationships with their customers.

Aimed at financial services professionals. This three-day course is tailored for both managers and executives who work in a variety of functions.

Content is presented progressively. Presenters use a variety of methods with content growing in complexity. Group exercises and hands-on activities engage students.

Interactive classes. The maximum number of participants in each course is 30, and the minimum number is 12. Group exercises and hands-on activities engage students.

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Course Schedule
Day 1: Understanding the Customer Experience Methodology

The first day of the course introduces students to the main principles of Customer Experience Methodology and how individual customer experiences affect the overall development of customer relationships and loyalty.

The initial part of the first day’s session focuses on the origins of the methodology, its economic value, and practical relevance to the financial services industry. ¬†Participants learn from case studies and group exercises that demonstrate the validity of the core principles that make up the Senteo Customer Experience Methodology. ¬†They also explore the various applications of these principles in real life scenarios.

Day 2:  Implementing the Customer Experience Methodology

The second-day session contains more technical information and details about how to apply Customer Experience approaches in various situations. This section is the most intensive and complex.

Topics include:

  • Principles of Customer Segmentation
  • Product Development, Pricing, and Loyalty Programs
  • Delivery Channels and Distribution Planning
  • Sales, Service, and Relationship-Building
  • Management Model and Internal Support Functions
  • Operations and Infrastructure
  • Experience Culture development

Business cases and exercises demonstrate and reinforce key points.

Day 3: Packaging and Applying the Customer Experience

The last day of the program is about how to package the Customer Experience and present it to a marketplace.

Specifically, this part of the course focuses on creating motivation for customers to initiate contact and enter into a relationship with a financial institution. Further efforts then nurture loyal and long-term customer relationships.

Topics include:

  • Presenting Customer touch points
  • Approaches for Product Packaging
  • Sales Processes vs. Creating a Buying Environment
  • Relationship-Based Guidance
  • Brand, Communications, and Experiential Marketing

A key subject for this session is positioning the difference between rational and emotional benefits of the business and its offering. As always, case studies and exercises demonstrate and support the principles.

Previously offered only in corporate training format, Senteo has agreed to offer the course in open-enrollment format for a limited number of dates per year.

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