Book Highlight: The Lovemarks Effect


Love is a powerful emotion, so powerful that we use it to describe only the strongest feelings for attraction. We hear of it in marriages, used towards foods, attributed towards favorite sports teams. However, how often do we hear of love in the same sentence as a business? Apple, perhaps? Whole Foods and Harley Davidson? But how many more? Most businesses struggle to achieve that same level of loyalty and commitment. The Lovemarks Effect helps to shed light on this seemingly mythic aspect of business: gaining the love of your customers. Rather than focusing on the products offered or services rendered, author Kevin Roberts stresses that the end goal of every customer interaction is the creation of an emotional bond. This is akin to Senteo’s belief that relationships are key to creating a strong customer following. While the book provides more examples than actual direction, that is not to say it is a book that few will find useful. The testimonies and situations that Roberts takes you through will give you the drive and guidance to solve customer concerns and create lasting relationships. For any who are involved in customer-facing operations, we recommend taking each word of The Lovemarks Effect to heart and applying them on a regular basis when you work with your customers.

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