Senteo’s November Book of the Month

joe_pine_2_6_14Thanksgiving is quickly coming up, signaling the upcoming close of another great year for us at Senteo. We have grown to such heights from when the mere thought of this company was a simple idea scribbled hastily on a napkin. Throughout the years we have learned so much and adapted ideas both small and large into the grand culmination of relationship centricity. However, at the heart of our methodology are heavy influences from one man in particular. That man, B. Joseph Pine, penned two books that highlighted how businesses had to operate in order to be competitive moving forward. From his point of view, businesses have followed a simple progression as the years have passed, and after each decade they have adopted new practices to best utilize the technology around them. Just as a business adapts to challenges, advancements in technology have allowed businesses to chase opportunities that were not previously available, opening up new markets and creating stronger businesses.

Joe Pine’s Mass Customization outlines how the business world has transitioned away from the realm of mass production and into the stages of customizing their products and services to meet the needs of their customers. No longer are customers satisfied with simply having their expectations met; they desire to be catered to and have every desire accounted for. This is the age we live in – the age of mass customization. Rather than simply selecting what is available, we are able to request exactly how we want our products and services. That is the beauty of this day and age: technology has allowed us to reach a point where the same cookie cutter designs can be tweaked to allow for individualization.

Mere customization has become the norm, but by no means is it the current state of affairs. Pine’s second book, The Experience Economy, describes how the consumer is continually insatiable. Yes, we have the ability to tailor offerings to the customer’s desires, but that is a standard practice for so many businesses. The businesses that truly shine – the Apples, Whole Foods, and UnderArmours of our age – are those that create a memorable experience from start to finish for their customers. With everyone being satisfied with the end product, it is those that capture their customers with a memorable experience that generate repeat business.

Together, these two books have been a major inspiration for what we do at Senteo, and it is only fitting that with Thanksgiving coming up we thank Joe for his works by naming them our November book of the month. Rather than spoil the works any more than we already have, we encourage you to read our full reviews, as well as the books themselves. You can find them here in our Recommended Reading section. We promise that if you believe in what Senteo stands for, then you will not be disappointed.