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January 26, 2013
Michael Ruckman presents to the Association of Financial Professionals

January 17, 2013
Experiential Innovation for Bankers – Webinar by Michael Ruckman on January 17th

November 25, 2012
Vital Relationship Bankers Forgot

November, 2012
Real Loyalty Has No Expiration Date – An interview with Tom Mouhsian, Partner and Managing Director for Eastern Europe  Rus

October 18, 2012
Michael Ruckman, Senteo’s Founder, President and CEO, will be speaking at the Leaders in Marketing Conference and Forum on October 18th, 2012 in Bucharest, Romania. Eng

October 16, 2012
David Kerstein Rates Senteo as a “Company to Watch” in His Summary of Winning New Technologies Eng

June 27, 2012
“Must stop selling banking products and, instead, begin to offer real solutions.”
An interview with Michael Ruckman, Founder and President of Senteo, Inc. and Tom Mouhsian, Partner and Managing Director for Eastern Europe (Las Vegas, USA) . Rus

11 June 2012
Made an impression

8 June 2012
Mystery shoppers assess banks

6 June 2012
Alfa-Bank named the best retail bank Rus

6 June 2012
300 mystery shoppers visited 39 largest Russian banks Rus

5 June 2012
Senteo released results of its 2012 “Customer Experience Index,” which surveyed the 39 largest Russian banks

5 June 2012
Mystery shoppers assessed retail banks Rus

5 June 2012
Promsvyazbank ranked fifth in the overall ranking of the study, “Customer Experience Index – 2012” conducted by international company Senteo  Rus

5 June 2012
Cosmetic repairs alone are not effective
www.rg Rus

5 June 2012
Clients name the most experiential banks Rus

1 June 2012
Senteo releases its annual Customer Expereience Index 2012
Press Relase Rus

16 May 2012
The best time for major changes in the banking system – A Conversation with Miroslav Boublik  Rus

29 November 2011
Senteo Inc., in partnership with BSC-Praha and the CEO/CIO Club as well as the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Vietnam, hosted a seminar today entitled: “Customer Experience – New Way of Doing Business he Right Way” for the Vienamese retail banking Eng

22 April 2011
“Clients are Demanding…” – Expert Opinion by Michael Ruckman
www.  Eng

25 January 2011
The 2010 Customer Experience Index of Russian retail banks demonstrates mild positive dynamics in the post-crisis environment
Press Release  Eng

18 October 2010
Press Release – Senteo holds a half-day workshop at the BAI conference in Las Vegas, USA.
Press Release  Eng

01 July 2010
Helping to Restore the Customer Connection.
In the wake of the financial crisis, helping customers in their time of need may be the key to competitive advantage for banks and stability for their future.
BAI  Eng

05 February 2009
The global market forces Banks to humanize their brands
The client has the choice now: stability and brand reputation are no longer the most relevant criteria in their decisions.  Eng

05 February 2009
Finding ways to keep contact
Establishing long-term, meaningful relationships with customers will be the key reasoning behind the ongoing existence of the bank branch.

05 February 2009
VIP Clubs, a financial luxury?
By conquering the VIP market banks and global providers will attain valuable profits and a range of financial opportunities.
Clubs_VIP_by_SENTEO.pdf  Esp

25 November 2008
Effective Management of Crisis Situations and Business Transformation Strategies
Effective Management of Crisis Situations.pdf  Eng

29 October 2008
Office of your dreams. How to relax without even leaving the office
Officerelaxation.pdf  Rus

29 October 2008
Leaders of experience – Senteo and PWC
Banks&BusinessWorld.pdf  Rus

29 October 2008
Corporate profit vs consumer choice
BusinessWorld.pdf  Rus

28 October 2008
How to win in a time of price wars
The Plague that Kills.pdf  Eng

07 July 2008
Banking courtesy  Rus

03 July 2008
Absolut Bank is one of the 3 Best Russian Retail Banks  Rus

01 July 2008
Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development rose in the rating Customer Experience  Rus

01 July 2008
West Banks dominate in Russian Retail Banking Industry  Rus

27 June 2008
Russian customers gave banks an estimate  Rus

27 June 2008
Banks assessed in a Customer Experience Index: from a customer’s view, Sberbank’s position declines  Rus

27 June 2008
Who is winning the retail banking race in Russia? (2008)
press release  Eng

19 May 2008
Senteo Shares International Expertise with TBC  Eng

11 April 2008
Michael Ruckman’s Master class: “How to teach employees to develop themselves”  Rus

20 January 2008
“Bankers are transforming from storekeepers to salesmen. Who is making money off that?” – interview with Michael Ruckman.  Rus

19 December 2007
Bankiry – troechniki  Rus

18 December 2007
What defines leadership on the bank retail service market in Russia?  Rus

13 December 2007
Scenario and forecast: Russia retail banking customer experience index  Rus

11 December 2007
Politeness is extra new weapon of banks  Rus

11 December 2007
The most client oriented banks  Rus

09 December 2007
Research: Customer service in Russian retail banks is too far from Ideal
Interfax  Rus

09 December 2007
Bank customers prefer clear name and kind clerks  Rus

25 October 2007
Retail Financial Awards 2007 – Success of ?o-branding: Alfabank – Cosmopolitan – Visa cards
Prime TASS, Information agency  Rus

18 October 2007
Senteo participated at Branding in Banks: Investments into reputation  Rus

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